Virtual Symposium


Deliver Immersive Virtual 3D events and Engage your Audience through Our Virtual Event Platform

Virtual Symposiums are now much talked about in this pandemic as it is a great alternative when a face-to-face conference is not possible. Our virtual event platform symposium gives you a lot of options to brand yourself and have an additional feature to engage your online participants with its machine learning technology that delivers an immersive & engaging conference experience.

Realistic 3D Designs

When it comes to professional 3D services, you can rely on us knowing that we are a leading 3D Virtual event services company. When it comes to professional 3D services, you can rely on us knowing that we would never let you down.

Immersive rooms

You can convert Immersive rooms into classrooms, showrooms, new workspaces,s or artistic projects. A diaphanous space can multiply its possibilities of use through the enveloping projection.

Personalized booths

Engage with attendees with our virtual event platform fully customizable booths. Brand each of them and make it easier for audiences to find the information that they’re looking for.

Live help desk

Guide attendees along the way and offer them a hassle-free experience with a central live help desk.


StreamOn theming and branding according to your brand guidelines. An easy-to-use dashboard allows easy customization of the dashboard, so your audience feels they are connected with your brand with familiar themes extending into the virtual events.


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Varieties of 3D designs Templates

Customised Lobby and Exhibit Hall

Live and virtual registrations

User Profile Management

4d Characters with Interactive Game Zone

Help deskHotline & Chat options

Event Analytics and Leaderboard

Polls, Survey & Quiz to Increase interactivity


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