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The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

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More Details

Our Platform StreamOn's AGM online meeting platform eases both virtual or hybrid meetings. We can smoothly integrate the voting process, making it possible for members to vote securely and get results right away. Run any general meetings with conference voting in one platform. Whether it's in-person or online, it can be done seamlessly and efficiently. It provides attendees with an option of instant voting anywhere during their conference meetings through the web application.

1. Virtual AGM Invitation & Registration Management

Through Virtual AGM platform, the organizers can send invitations and reminders to the participants more cost-effectively than ever. The invitations are often linked to internal databases that include all stakeholders. Many Virtual AGM platform have already got templates for the email invites and a few of them allow customizing the invites as per your requirements. Most platforms have different types of tracking structures for those invitations.

2. Virtual AGM Tracking & Auditing

Our Virtual AGM platform supports tracking and auditing components to satisfy the requirements of auditors, scrutinizers, and support the submission to government authorities. Most platforms have front- and back-end tracking elements with an in depth report on all transactions on the system.

3. Online AGM Voting

The probably most vital function during AGMs is the voting on resolutions or motions. The voting structures are often very simple, or rather sophisticated. More complex models include proxy-voting, weighted voting, conditional voting, voting rights, etc.

4. Virtual AGM Content Management

One of the foremost crucial parts of the AGM is that relevant content must be shared with the stakeholders on time. Our Virtual AGM platforms also support the upload and download of files, PPT, media, and other documents which will be accessed by the participants and stakeholders before, during, or after the meetings

5. Virtual AGM Video Streaming

Videos and presentations are usually streamed by the presenters through professional video streaming platforms. The organizers can choose the choice to stream the videos publicly and/or privately to the participants/stakeholders. Multiple parallel video streaming should be supported by the platform.

6. Secure

Highly protected by SSL encryption and runs seamlessly within the cloud, and may be found out or mirrored in any location round the world to make sure secure fast access for your members.

7. Support

StreamOn is with you all the way. We can develop an answer that’s customized to fit your unique requirements


  • Virtual AGM Platform feature Set.
  • Invitation & Registration option
  • Live Event Analytics
  • Real time voting & polling
  • Live Q&A Session
  • Document Management
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Voice recorded questions
  • Social Media integration
  • On Demand Mobile voting
  • Social Media streaming

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