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A live surgery performed by a Surgeon from the OT (Operation Theatre) can be a thrilling experience for a Surgeon to watch, Mainly if it is taken live to the surgeon’s clinic where he can watch the expert carrying out the surgery live. Medical Conferences Live Streaming In The Operation Theatre Filming a live surgical or medical procedure demands an experienced crew and a specialised professional set-up. All that the Surgeon watching it needs is a High Speed Broadband Connection, Laptop with Speakers, Internet Explorer & Windows Media Player. Live surgery demonstrations from a remote operating theater to medical conference locations with interactive Q&A capability. Live 2 way video feeds can be transmitted to anywhere in the world with no delay. Such an event can be backed with complete interactivity and moderated Q & A to make the experience more effective for the surgeons who are watching.

Benefits of a Live Surgery Event

  • Surgeons around the globe can watch it from their Desktops or Laptops with a high speed broadband connection.
  • Viewers can ask queries by typing in the Q & A chat tile and can get real time answers from the Surgeon Live in the OT.

We at StreamOn take care of complete audio & video production setup at the OT and broadcasts the Surgery Live to the viewers on a suitable bandwidth based on the level of connectivity available at the OT.

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Why Choose LiveStream Surgery?

  • Share the excitement of surgery via a live broadcast.
  • Showcase your latest technologies and educate your customers.
  • Choose either satellite or webcasting solutions
  • Educate & showcase who you are and what you do.
  • Ease from instant feedback between the surgeon and audience with two-way communication.

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