Fully Managed Premium Webcast Delivery Platform

EventOnline is a fully managed and feature-rich premium virtual event platform. Built for large-scale and high-priority events, It delivers LIVE and On-Demand presentations to large audiences on any device. Our virtual event platform makes sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented business meetings and create an event that maximizes connectivity.

Event Analytics:

Webinars can drive some serious traffic and real, actionable engagement. You need to analyze, audit, and respond to your data.

1:1 interaction with attendees

This is a huge part of networking and collaborating at work. The ability to wave at an attendee within a meeting and then do a 1:1 chat would be a wonderful addition to making a meeting feel more similar to in-person.

Live Polls & Surveys

Running the most engaging webinar with a live survey and poll to keep your attendees engaged. Helping you to analyze the results.

Operate your event and attendee data-

Our virtual event platform quickly capture and calculate your hot leads with contact sharing and powerful engagement scores, built off countless numbers of attendee interactions.

10+ Widgets

Multiple Widgets connecting to your customizable dashboard, taking it from a collection of files and folders to a place where you can share all the important data and resources for your attendees.

Virtual Event Platform


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FEATURES of our Virtual Event Platform

High Definition Video

Personalized screen views

Fully branded console

Polling and Surveys

Annimated PPT slides

Reporting and Analytics

Participant announcement

Accurate Pointer tool

Voice recorded questions

Social Media integration

On Demand Mobile voting

Social Media streaming


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