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StreamOn a Video Conferencing Company is one of the fastest-pivoting Virtual Event Companies in India. Starting off as a webinar management company in Mumbai, India in 2011, Being the best as event management specialist we have quickly transformed to meet the virtual needs of brands across industries keeping in tandem with the customized digital requirements of today.

Being the top event management specialist in the industries we assist brands in creating highly engaging virtual events that seamlessly combine in-person and online strategies, resulting in immersive shared-human experiences across screens that lead to unforgettable memories.

Phygital Event Management- StreamOn Technologies
Hybrid Event Management Specialist- StreamOn Technologies

Hybrid Event Management Specialist:

With COVID-19 leaving Humans alone and separated even in 2021. We are still continuing to live in the digital world. Slow and steady the countries & cities of this planet earth are shifting to their life before the Pandemic. However, this doesn’t come easy and every government has their own list of measures to be taken by the people with a lot of restrictions on the number of people in large gatherings.

Hybrid Events combine aspects of both in-person and virtual events to create highly engaging events that reach more people. You can host live presentations to a full auditorium and broadcast them to people attending online. You can allow exhibitors to host booths on-site, and still allow them to network with people joining from around the world. With hybrid events, you get the best of both worlds.

Trade Show Program:

Improve the value of your trade show program. StreamOn can help you with schedule appointments, qualify and capture leads, and enhance the engagement of the program.

Companies spend significant resources attending trade shows, but are they getting enough value out of those trade shows to recoup the cost? With StreamOn Technologies, you can accelerate the growth of every stage of your trade show program, from scheduling pre-show appointments to capturing leads and getting them to sales and marketing in real-time.

Trade Show program- StreamOn Technologies
Conferences & seminars

Conferences & Seminars:

StreamOn is a well-established Virtual event management company based in Mumbai, India offering Live Virtual Events, Webinars, Online Conferences, Social Media Live Streaming, Virtual events platforms. You can stream live videos of events such as tech summits, product launches, corporate events, concerts, conferences, or webinars to any location on the web.

With 10+ Years experience, the StreamOn team has got exposure by working with different businesses. We have associated ourselves with them closely and empowered them through corporate excellence. Among the top video conference management companies, StreamOn has focused on the needs of businesses and worked harmoniously to fulfill the same. We cooperate with the clients entirely to align all the tasks according to their business plan. Our talented professionals understand their roles clearly and communicate with their staff members to bring forth flawless results.



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