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Virtual CME Webcasting

Live Virtual CME Webcasting enable doctors to connect from anywhere and from any device.

CME meets are an essential part of a pharma industry marketing plan across different countries with the target of making a top of the mind recall within the minds of Doctors, Surgeons & other Medical Practitioners. Pharma Companies across the globe are constantly looking out for creative means to communicate with the Medical Practitioners and make them take notice of the brands associated with the respective geographical areas.

StreamOn’s Innovative Online Platform allows you to conduct Live Virtual CME Webcasting across geographies on a state of the art high quality interactive platform that enables you to engage the doctors wherever they are at a click of a mouse.

Benefits of Conducting Live (CMEs)

  • Low cost of communication & maximum reach.
  • Huge savings in terms of speaker’s travel time, cost & session fees (honorarium).
  • Reaching out to thousands of Medical Practitioners across locations in a single event.
  • Wider choice of speakers from any location within the world.
  • Reduces Speakers Travelling cost from one city to another.
  • Reaching bent cities where the Speaker isn’t travelling physically.
  • Archive of the whole Event on the Webcast Link for repeat viewing.
  • Programs are often organised at short intervals enabling a foothold over competition.
  • Frequency of Events are often increased thanks to savings within the marketing budget.

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