Virtual Trade Show Benefits: Boost ROI For Your Next Event!

Virtual Trade Show Benefits: Boost ROI For Your Next Event!

The power and effectiveness of the virtual event are just so convincing from a data perspective that it’s hard to imagine that it’s going away. Virtual events in every dimension are so much better than in-person events.

Bob Bejan 
(Corporate Vice President: Global Events, Production Studios & Marketing Community at Microsoft)

1. Lead Generation: Lucrative Strategy!

When it comes to B2B Marketing, Virtual Trade Shows can be the most effective lead generation strategy because the primary focus here is to present your customers with solutions based on their pain points

And what is more engaging than a space full of brand solutions, right? Moreover, if such events are accelerated with ignited marketing interest – “You got yourself a lead nurturing engine!”

6 Simple Steps to start generating leads using a Virtual Trade Show: 

  1. Set a Goal for your Event. 
  2. Connect w/t the Right Exhibitors.
  3. Have a Pre & Post Event Marketing Strategy in place.
  4. Invest in a suitable Virtual Event Platform. (Rich w/t features you require)
  5. Create resources to educate & engage. 
  6. Monitor, Analyze & Improve your Trade Show.

Explore n number of features to make it an engaging experience for your attendees & a lucrative opportunity for your exhibitors. 

With Virtual Trade Shows, you can employ features like analytics, monitoring, branded & Interactive booths, live webinars, live chat, downloadable resources, and networking lounges. The main intent while investing in such features is to create a space that itself becomes a lead nurturing environment.

2. Effective Marketing Channel

When asked what’s the single most effective marketing channel, event marketers said, well, it’s event marketing. (Source: Bizzabo)

Marketing is a pull strategy that’s like a lively part alongside your products and services. It can influence potential consumers to seek your event when they need educational, relevant, or even entertaining insights. 

But what most B2B companies are missing out on is that “educational ground” in their event marketing strategies. The impact of your Virtual Trade Show strategy lies within your goals. 

Let’s see what works best:


Developing resources aligned to your market challenges is a phenomenal way to put the information about your product in a context that your customers can relate to. 

It puts the customers in a learning perspective rather than buying agenda, which then becomes your front foot to represent your product in a detailed manner.


The main idea of your trade show is the “personal interaction”. And it is also the biggest challenge in virtual events compared to face-to-face events, but it is possible to be personal by tailoring your content to customers’ interests. 

Building in the opportunities according to their preferences will help you dial the right number at the right time.  


The #No 1 engagement tool is video. The most critical part of your Virtual Trade Show Strategy is getting the right mix to keep your customers engaged before & after the event. 
Especially, employing videos in your engagement zone to educate your customers puts you in a versatile mode (Captivating but cost-effective).

3. Address the Future Trends NOW: Competitive Edge

Virtual Events are going to be the mainstream in the upcoming decade (2020-2030). A Linkedin survey of 200 companies in the U.K. and Ireland noted that 72% of the respondents said that they would keep holding the virtual events for the long term

This is likely to continue because virtual events are more cost-effective and offer global access to industry peers without the stress of traveling.

Acknowledging this fact, it’s your opportunity to ignite your virtual adaption & having a head-on competitive edge.

4. Networking Exposure: Global Marketplace

Let’s say you’re planning a virtual trade show for the pharmaceutical industry. And attendees may have the option to choose from meeting the exhibitors that are developing medicines, hospitals, or pharma agencies.

The attendee’s interest is more towards the second two options and by using the B2B process, he or she can request a direct conversation from the pharma agencies that will represent their brand at the Virtual Trade Show.

After the request, the meeting itself will appear in a personalized networking schedule that will be visible to attendees through the event platform or app.

So, by explaining the process, the point here is – “It is a WIN-WIN situation”, where interesting prospects are connecting in a personalized manner with the dedicated business category. 


Virtual Trade Show might be contemplating your decision when it comes to in-person & virtual communication, but eventually, once the awareness about the same becomes prominent – It’s no more a choice, but a necessity. 

So, address the future trend to employ the virtual competitive edge & educational benefit for your customers.

Thank you!

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