Virtual Town Hall – The Rising Trend in B2B Industry. 

Virtual Town Hall – The Rising Trend in B2B Industry. 

In the age of the hybrid workforce, leaders do not need to present in the same room at the same time with their employees for town halls and all other company meetings. 

The larger-scaled purpose of any meeting is to indulge the entire team to share the company’s vision, employ strategies, address the current issues, and have an ambiance of celebrating the wins.   

Therefore, to communicate work in hybrid models – virtual town halls are becoming a growing demand in the B2B Industry. 

Now, businesses are demanding frequent virtual communication to maintain the culture, and company vision and to keep alive their team effort, unidirectional. That which came as a technology add-on has turned into an innovative trending solution – Virtual Townhouse.

“Live video is state of the art for executive leaders, who want a more engaging and interactive way to communicate widely and hear feedback from far-flung teams in virtual meetings.”

What is a Virtual Town Hall?

Virtual Town Hall is an inclusive video conferencing meeting to stay close to your team to communicate ideas, organize weekly goals, address urgent issues, share updates, ideate the company vision, and even gather logistics in the background.

According to Microsoft’s 2021 reports, 73% of employees surveyed expressed a desire for flexible remote work options post-pandemic, and businesses are considering redesigning physical spaces to accommodate better hybrid work environments.

In simple terms, video conference is not an option anymore – It is a functional communication asset for future businesses.

“Hybrid workforce will be much more difficult to manage in B2B businesses, and that should be taken seriously!”

          – Martin Hass 

   (Professor of Management at Wharton School)

To bridge this gap between remote & in-office working operations – you must employ technology to evolve your communication strategies & bring a culture of virtual adaptivity to your employee’s working habits.

 Why do you need Virtual Town Hall meetings? 

  • Seamless connectivity between office & remote employees: 
  • No triggers for Unconscious bias (Amongst employees)
  • Transparency: Open communication
  • Prevents Culture Dilution

Sometimes, just a seamless connectivity platform is not enough to deliver a strong grounding message. To keep the team motivated – a single communication channel solves one aspect of tackling the hybrid challenges. Remote employees need active reinforcement to stay dedicated to the company vision.

Dedicate your time focusing on three significant aspects to host an inclusive virtual town hall meeting:-

  1. Preparing an inclusive virtual meeting content.
  2. Identify your ideal virtual environment
  3. Procuring virtual meeting talents and innovative solutions 

The right solution for you might be the simplest. But if you are investing your time in finding new technology solutions in the middle of crises, not an ideal time to figure out while your employees need to hear their leaders the most.

So, whether it is small-scale meetings or even town hall events, always search for a unified communication vendor to provide you with integrated communication solutions and options to help you communicate at scale.

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