8 Interactive Booth Ideas for Virtual Trade Shows [Checklist]

8 Interactive Booth Ideas for Virtual Trade Shows [Checklist]

We live in the tech-savvy world where virtual events and meetings are a new reality. The Virtual Trade Shows have become essentially important from the marketing aspect. 

Every new product launch, announcement, award show, and conference has taken place virtually in these unprecedented situations. Virtual events will stay even after the world is grasping the hold back after the pandemic. They have the power to bring 8X the number of attendees than physical events. 

As a result, events management companies in India generate potential leads, sponsors, and exhibitors that are more impactful for the business, trade, and events. 

However, the companies should consider the one rule: Don’t Be Boring. You can lose the essence of virtual events, i.e., a large audience, if your online platform is not adapting to the ever-changing technology with design thinking benefits. 

Virtual Booths should be exciting and fun to match the interactivity of the physical events. This blog will share eight interactive booth ideas for your online event. So, let’s go! 

1. Booth Customization: Brand your Space!

For exhibitors and sponsors, visibility is essential for a virtual event. The personalized booth is the best source of visibility. In addition, by adding the customizable feature, you provide marketing opportunities to exhibitors. 

The personalized/customized part is the go-to for the brand. First, it allows the exhibitors to articulate their themes according to their brand. 

Then, with the help of videos, logos, branded backgrounds, presentations, social walls, and links to the products and services, the attendees get more attention to the booth. 

2. Digital Catalog: Device your Attendees in the Virtual Lobby. 

A handy and engaging digital catalog would be a great start for the 3D virtual event platform attendees. 

Add everything from books, slides, demos, resources, presentations, and vouchers to the catalog that helps the attendees know about your virtual booth. 

In addition, the digital catalog provides ample opportunities for showcasing content and networking. The digital catalog is the one-stop destination for the attendees’ needs. 

3. Virtual Spin the Wheel: Engage their Interest! 

The fun and interaction allow the attendee to engage more in the upcoming events instead of just sitting in front of the screen and waiting for the event to end. 

Make the attendees comfortable with your platform by engaging them in games like spin the wheel. The most accessible and comfortable game makes the attendee familiar with the platform. 

The spinning games are fun because they create a sudden rush of excitement amongst the attendees. They feel more enthusiastic; it is not about winning but enjoying the game. 

Spin the wheel game can also become a tool to market the brand or explain the aspects of the virtual trade show. It attracts the attendees since there is no harm or loss in spinning! 

4. Make it Memorable: Photo Booth

We cherish the moments with photographs; likewise, the 3D virtual event provides virtual photo booths. It is the best way to connect with the attendees It is the best way to connect with the attendees.

Attendees can take a simple photo or upload a boomerang with the different virtual backgrounds. Also, photos are the easiest way to market the brand and make your presence on other social platforms.

5. Quizzes and Trivia with Exciting Prizes 

The quizzes and basic trivia allow people to connect with the show. Provide incentives in the quizzes during your event. The quiz can be an excellent way for ice breaking. Add as many questions as possible and the most exciting rapid-fire round to play with time. 

Plus, trivia gives knowledge about the brand, and quizzes can keep the attendees hooked on your presentation till the end. 

Through these games and quizzes, participants are motivated to play more. They try to open up with other fellow attendees and create a great networking space. 

More engaging and interactive participants can turn into potential business leads. Meanwhile, an interactive and healthy competition among the attendees boosts engagement. 

6. Send Out Sponsored Swag Bags 

Who doesn’t love gifts? Plus, they are the easiest way to bribe. Just kidding! Everyone loves a token of appreciation and welcome from hosts. So make your attendees excited by giving the sponsored bags of goodies before the event. 

Indeed, it is a fun way to start an online event by sending a package to attendees’ homes, so they become more excited and know more about the brand. 

The items in the package can be souvenirs of the brand like mugs, T-shirts, or notebooks that deliver a strong brand identity. 

7. AI connection Making with Attendees 

It’s all true that AI saves us a lot of time since we do not need to check or scroll down the endless lists of people manually. Moreover, we can generate a lot of attendees’ data thanks to AI and its algorithms. 

It helps to provide precise analytics and growth of the brand. Also, it increases sales by connecting the brand with the potential customer by analyzing the attendee and exhibitor’s data. 

8. Live Chat for Increase Interactivity 

The online event platforms are all about networking and engaging with the attendees. For example, the host has innumerable options to create a pool of networks for their brand. 

You have the opportunity to interact with a large audience and create your brand awareness. In this way, the live chat can indeed be an interactive session. You can explain your brand, service, or product and take feedback from the attendees.

Moreover, nobody likes to stare at the screen and listen to the speaker endlessly. Therefore, try to make your online event engaging and interactive so that attendees gain much more than just knowledge of your service. 


There can be endless inspiring ideas to make your Virtual Trade Show a great success. But, of course, the online reality will stay with us beyond 2022. Therefore, it is wise to adapt to the changes and new demands before the event. 

You must surely make your community excited for your upcoming event and encourage the exhibitors to articulate out-of-the-box ideas for the booths. Then, increase the ROI with the help of a customizable exhibitor’s package. 

The sponsor attendee interaction is a must to increase engagement. This is done through a pre-event survey. After the event’s great success, the group chats features enable networking opportunities. 

All these points may provide you with fair ideas for your online event platform, and then there’s always room for creativity.

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