Why Virtual Events are Increasing in 2022?

Why Virtual Events are Increasing in 2022?

Virtual events

Companies are finding virtual events more enjoyable and convenient than ever.

 Indeed with the return of in-person events (and the demand is huge!), virtual events are then to stay. Signals in the market and my own company data both show numerous companies are planning to host indeed more online events in 2022 than they did in 2021. 

 According to a global check by Kaltura, at least 48 associations planned to host further virtual events. Also, numerous companies prevision virtual events continuing into 2023 and beyond with numerous plans to host fully digital or hybrid events. 

 Then are four reasons why virtual events are adding in 2022. 


 Virtual events are more Convenient. Everyone from participants members to event planners to keynote speakers finds virtual events more accessible to schedule and attend than in-person events. According to Kaltura, 84 of respondents wanted the option of attending a virtual or hybrid event. 

 Virtual events also have easier logistics. No trip is necessary, no visas are demanded, and there is no way a problem with missed planes, business, parking, or lost reservations at the hotel. Events can be set up weeks in advance rather than months. Attendees can also join any event the day of. 

Participants Enjoyment 

It turns out participants’ members really like online events. This is partly because the events have better over the course of the pandemic. According to the Kaltura global check, 73 of the participant’s members were satisfied with the virtual experience and 93 felt event companies did a good job transitioning from in-person events to online events. 


Also, numerous event companies ( similar to mine) have entered feedback that audiences enjoy virtual events because they find them more intimate than in-person events. Frequently, attendees get to see a speaker in a more relaxed environment, in their home office. participants members feel they get to know the speaker more as a person because they can see family prints in their office and the books they read on their shelves. 

 Eventually, attending online means a participants member has the stylish seat in the house. Every person is in the frontal row and can view the speaker up near on their own particular screen. 

 Lower Cost 

Another attractive benefit of virtual events is the lower cost to produce and attend. For event planners, there is no need to rent a venue, book hotel space for guests, or pay for speaker trips. Great keynote speakers are also more affordable because they charge lower to appear on a virtual stage than in-person. 

 Likewise, keynote speakers have also found their lower fees allow them to bespeak further virtual events and to do further events internationally. Some keynote speakers indeed increased their income by doing virtual events. 

 Eventually, participants members like virtual events because the price to attend is lower and they do not have to pay for breakouts, hospices, parking, or refections. Likewise, they can attend further events per year. 

 Engaging Content 

 The audience finds the online content more engaging. According to Kaltura, the Audience likes the chance to learn. While in-person events have been driven largely by the chance to network, virtual events have handed more chances to learn about a company through product demonstrations or to engage with content experts in Q&A sessions. 

 Unexpectedly, we are observing and learning, virtual events aren’t only then to stay, but there will also be further of them in 2022 and beyond. Audience and event planners likewise have found them to be more convenient, more enjoyable, less precious, and with further engaging content. 

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