How to Have Safer In-Person Event Experience

How to Have Safer In-Person Event Experience

How to Have Safer In-Person Event Experience 

The value of in-person events is undeniable, and event professionals and venues need to be well-prepared when these events resume. More than ever, the well-being of your attendees has to be your top priority. You must provide peace of mind to an anxious, reluctant public. The more organizers can build and market a safe experience, the more likely they are to have a successful, well-attended event. That means careful planning of every part of the event experience, from finding and managing the physical space of the venue to show attendees check-in, moving through your event, consuming content, and network with one another. Our StreamOn solutions were designed to give you total control, so you can plan and execute your events with confidence.  

The Right Venue Space

Forget what you knew about space requirements. Social distancing is changing all that.  A venue that used to fit 500 may not anymore. The StreamOn Supplier Network will help you find the right venue and collect critical information from hotels to ensure the venue fits the new normal and meets the attendee’s needs. 

Collect Essential Attendee Information

Before the event, We leverage Event Registration questions to collect critical attendee data so we can: 

•  Understand the point of origin and travel plans for each attendee.

•  Keep a record of sessions attended as well as exhibitors or areas visited during the event for each attendee.

•  Utilize attendee tracking to observe and respond to bottlenecks, overcrowding, and safe spacing needed around sensitive areas.

Design Room Layouts for Social Distancing

With StreamOn Diagramming and Seating, you’ll have the tools to easily design your event to accommodate social distancing and safety guidelines to ensure that you have the right attendee capacities for each space.

•  Map out locations of hand sanitizing stations, mask stations, wall-mounted cleanliness stations, and more for public areas

•  Run a diagram check to ensure your layout meets designated requirements

•  Collaborate with stakeholders and visit your venue virtually to see what your event looks like down to the last detail

Offer Touchless Event Check-In & Badge Printing

Attendees can use a QR code, or through Andriod or apple devices to have a touchless

check-in experience with StreamOn.

•   Attendees can check-in and print their badge without touching any screens

•   Printers can self-cut badges to allow for easy assembly by the attendee

Manage Session Capacity

•  Set and publish session capacities to ensure rooms are not overcrowded

• Contactless session scanning provides session counts and access control to prevent overcrowding  

•  Self-check-in kiosks allow for contactless session check-in

• Planners can use OnArrival dashboards to closely monitor attendance and use overflow session rooms for near or at-capacity sessions to manage occupancy

• Know how many are registered for the session and layout the room for that number in compliance with social distancing guidelines. 

Quickly and Easily Communicate with Attendees

Planners can leverage the Event Marketing and Management Platform, including our mobile event app, to keep attendees up to date both before and during your event.

•  Emails can be sent regarding key event details or schedule changes to all registrants

or just specific session registrants.

•  Push notifications allow planners to manage overflow rooms for popular sessions.

•  Dynamic event guide delivers updated alerts on any immediate changes

due to health concerns.

•  Contact exchange promotes in-app networking to share contact information

while maintaining the privacy and social distancing regulations.

Safely Facilitate Onsite Meetings Between Attendees

Appointments allow planners to manage the capacity and timing of attendee interactions.

•   Appointments can be set by the attendee or planner.

•   Manage your day to meet with only the most critical face-to-face appointments.

•   Virtual attendees can use the same tools to book appointments.

•   Appointment meeting rooms can be adjusted within Diagramming and Seating to practice social distancing guidelines.

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