Challenges while hosting virtual meeting for Internal & External stakeholders

Challenges while hosting virtual meeting for Internal & External stakeholders

Virtual Event Challenges

Virtual events have worked wonders for helping consulting enterprises keep in touch with their Stakeholders throughout the epidemic, but it has not always been an easy lift. Problems faced by event organizers include difficulties engaging their attendees to make a continuing impact. By now, most of us miss the further particular atmosphere of in-person events, not least because numerous virtual meeting or events have failed to adequately restate this into an online environment. 

Fortunately, utmost virtual event challenges can be answered by choosing a virtual event platform that helps organizers and guarantors realize the long- term benefits of taking effects online. After all, virtual meeting are then to stay, simply because they make sense in the moment’s globalized business terrain. Indeed when in-person events do make a comeback, virtual events will continue to allow businesses to reach out to attendees ever, each over the world. 

To help you enjoy the benefits, both now and in the future, let us explore the most common virtual meeting challenges and results. 

Challenge 1 Virtual Meeting Attendee Engagement 

Most of the consulting enterprises face problems like keeping attendees engaged to be the biggest challenge. After all, numerous of us have racked up far further screen time than we’d like, and fatigue is setting in. Still, a precisely planned and managed virtual event can be the coming stylish thing to an in-person one. 


The secret lies in creating further immersive guests, similar as by bringing donations to life with interactive sessions like StreamOn’s live Q&A s, polling, and checks. Another popular strategy is to keep events lower, while also allowing attendees to network with peers outside of donations themselves. 

Challenge 2 Virtual Meeting Technological Limitations and Connectivity Issues 

A common misapprehension among event itineraries and attendees likewise is that a virtual event is just another Drone or Microsoft Brigades meeting. Indeed, numerous of them do turn out to be that way, but this doesn’t have to be the case. That said, creating an engaging and interactive experience isn’t a commodity that can be done with everyday tools. 


Having access to the necessary specialized moxie and dependable support is important for recreating the live event experience that people know and love. By partnering with the right service provider, you can approach structured training programs that ease the literacy wind and familiarize you with the virtual event stylish practices. 

Challenge 3- Privacy and Security 

When nearly all events moved online in this epidemic, organizers had minimum time to prepare. This led to a lot of attacks from cybercriminals to so- called‘ Drone-bombers’. Numerous of these attacks came down to the fact that organizers had little time to suppose about security and viewed virtual events as nothing further than temporary workarounds, using infelicitous tools in the process. 


Event itineraries bear the responsibility to cover themselves and their attendees, especially in cases where people are likely to be swapping nonpublic information. This is why a unified event operation platform with security and sequestration erected-in by design is essential for keeping your events safe and nonpublic. 

Challenge 4 Reporting and Analytics 

One of the numerous unique advantages of virtual events is that, like any other digital commerce, they induce large quantities of precious data. Still, the challenge lies in using this data for practicable perceptivity, which isn’t easy to achieve when you’re using lots of different systems to drive engagement. 


To maximize visibility into where attendees are in the purchase channel, every platoon must have access to the same data. Thus, different data sources need to be consolidated to help so- called information silos from forming. Choosing an intertwined event operation platform that works with your CRM and other systems is essential for making this possible. 

Final Words 

While the problems faced by event organizers persist, there’s no denying the continuing value of virtual and cold-blooded events, especially as businesses seek a reanimation following the epidemic. By following the virtual event stylish practices and garnering a thorough understanding of event planning problems and results, organizers can expand their cult, appeal to high- value guarantors, and produce engaging and memorable events online. 

StreamOn brings your virtual and hybrid events to the coming position by furnishing important tools and analytics that drive meaningful engagement across online surroundings. Request a demo to see how it works.

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