The Digital Transformation in Training Delivery

The Digital Transformation in Training Delivery


The uncertainties triggered by this COVID-19 crisis have pushed businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiative for being more connected, responsive, upbeat and to survive the turbulence. COVID-19 disruption has challenged the business-as-usual sentiment and therefore the emergence of the latest normal with successive lockdowns and restrictions has forced businesses to reimagine, restructure and be aware of surviving.

Employee training, due to the entire closures of traditional establishments, had to adopt digital transformation because the only survival strategy to stay viable and functional. Training departments are adopting digital tools to provide virtual and e-learning access to their employees and enable digital connectedness for communicating, teaching and imparting learning during the lockdown. Training departments and HR departments have been the precursor to digital transformation during this crisis as they bolster digital engagements and embrace digital innovations in today’s changing times.

Digital Transformation Aids Remote Learning

From remote working to remote learning, COVID-19 has pushed the digital frontiers of all organizations across the globe. As employees are forced to remain stranded at homes, training institutions and departments have taken to online learning as the most viable medium of instruction for imparting training and ensuring continuity in learning. Business Schools alike have opted for digital platforms to broadcast online classes and to impart learning reception with the assistance of either their own intranet portals or through modern video conferencing tools like StreamOn Platform and other online collaboration tools. Corporates are  also leveraging these tools and other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube for real-time conversations, discussions and communicating seamlessly far away from the first classroom setting. 

Reducing the Digital Divide By Upskilling Trainers

Adopting digital learning and digital platforms by corporations would require trainers to be skilled in these digital platforms. To upscale the digital skill of Trainers has been long overdue and the pace of digital learning for trainers has been painstakingly slow. However, with COVID-19, the difficulty of digital skills shortage came to the forefront and corporations felt the necessity to upskill the trainers with new age digital skills as there arose the immediate need to conduct online classes for employees at home. COVID-19 has thus accelerated the efforts of these corporations towards helping the trainers adapt to the new digital platforms and narrow the existing digital divide.

Corporations have fortunately spent huge resources and time for deploying a spread of online learning solutions for inhouse trainers and organizing Train The Trainer workshops, sessions and webinars to upskill them for keeping pace with the digital demands that are forced upon them. These digitally skilled trainers are now ready to communicate and teach their employees with the assistance of the latest tools

Traditional whiteboards/blackboards, training labs are replaced by new interactive digital whiteboards (or whiteboards with content cameras) and counselling is replaced by real-time communication and messaging tools – thereby empowering learning with freedom even during these restricted times.

Digital Transformation Chatbots For Personalized Learning

Corporations are greatly using chatbots to impart learning to learners. Unlike a marathon lecture, where the trainer explains a topic at length from start to finish, these chatbots deliver a series of messages that look like a conversation. A learner is delivered a variety of images, videos, text and their combination to learners on any specific topic to help them better understand the concepts. Learners are then asked to unravel different quizzes so as to know their grasp on the topic. Their answers when submitted to the evaluator gives the trainer a good idea about the extent of understanding of a specific student. These AI-enabled chatbots are thus used to deliver lectures in a way that is suited and liked by the learner and then to analyze their responses for delivering successive contents, based on their performance and choice. Thus, AI has been able to create personalized learning experiences for learners that is tailored to their own learning styles, abilities and preferences. It is also helping trainers to impart learning more effectively by having a far better understanding of a child’s performance and brain.

Transparent Online Assessments Led by AI

Imparting online education and narrowing the digital divide has been made possible overtime but the real challenge has always been to conduct virtual assessments from the settings of the learner’s own premise. However, the advances in artificial intelligence have greatly helped corporations to cater to this problem as well. These AI and machine learning algorithms have created ways for institutions to first lock the identity of the users by scanning their retina and countenance and to flag any discrepancy or impersonation detected during the exam. It is also made possible to lock the screen of the candidate to not toggle back or navigate away to any other screen for any malpractice. These online examination tools leave all kinds of inquiries to be framed and being answered by learners whether or not they are multiple-choice based questions, paragraph-based questions or any graph, image, audio or video-based. Neural networks and deep learning algorithms of artificial intelligence have made it possible to conduct examinations just like in a manual setting and that which is more simple, flawless and hassle-free.

Digital Proliferation in a Post COVID world

COVID-19 has certainly accelerated digital transformation within the education industry and is sure to create modern training delivery where digital tools and new state of the art technologies will play a greater role in both creating learning excellence and also as revolutionizing the way learning takes place in these academic institutions as both student and teachers stand equal beneficiaries. A post COVID-19 world will witness a rise within the number of smart training classrooms, EdTech firms, personalized learning, remote education and digital proliferation.

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